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Advocates for Excellence

Advocates for Excellence was the original name for the Entrepreneur Skills Network when it was first started in March 2009. It's purpose then was the same as now to offer guidance in employment skills and how to start and operate your own business.

The name Advocates for Excellence was later changed to Entrepreneur Skills Network to be more in keeping with the original purpose of the organization.

Entrepreneur Skills Network

The Entrepreneur Skills Network (ESN) is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit based in the heart of the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. An entrepreneur is any person or group focused on developing and operating a business. ESN encourages local business people and people planning to start a business to meet regularly to exchange experiences with each other. These meetings can encourage discussions for best business and marketing practices for established businesses and for business startups.

Experienced business people can offer insights about how they started their business, various elements necessary for operating a business, and what success they experience. An entrepreneur can present a problem being experienced in the entrepreneur's business. Possible solutions to this business problem can be given by other entrepreneurs. Marketing ideas are also valuable information to be shared with each other. Exchanging business cards, flyers, or member's products are good networking practices.

Entrepreneur Skills Network was originally started in Whittier, a very rural community in the mountains of western North Carolina. It became clear early on that entrepreneurs seek out solutions for their business activities primarily in their own local communities. This realization led to begin to develop the ESN MALL where entrepreneurs can get exposure for their products or services on the Internet.

Entrepreneur Teams Association is a program to have Entrepreneur Teams in any community to meet regularly to offer guidance to each other in a variety of ways for developing entrepreneurial skills. Profit and Nonprofit business people are encouraged to request information about how to be an Entrepreneur Teams Association Coordinator to organize Entrepreneur Teams in their own community to share their ideas with each other. Click here to visit the Entrepreneur Team web page.

The Entrepreneur Teams Association, a program of the Entrepreneur Skills Network, publishes a weekly newsletter with information about new members and member's articles about many aspects of good business practices.

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Donations to the Entrepreneur Skills Network programs are tax-deductible in the USA. Click on the IRS Letter button for a copy of this letter.

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Voluntary donations allow Entrepreneur Skills Network to develop programs that assist entrepreneurs to be more successful with their business. Click the button below to donate to the Entrepreneur Skills Network. Your support is greatly appreciated.

VISION: Profit and nonprofit business entrepreneurs honing their skills and networking with other business folks in their communities.

MISSION: Offer educational guidance in a variety of ways to fulfil the vision.

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